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Tips & Tricks



Most luxury cars can park directly at the VIP-entrances of clubs and restaurants.

 If the parking is full, the car security guards will usually remove the least presentable car and free the space for you. They will look after your car, so please don’t forget to generously tip them.

In Spain the blood alcohol concentration limit is 0.5g per litre which is about one bottle of beer.

If you get stopped by the police don’t get out of the car unless asked to do so. Usually you will have to show your driver’s licence and car rental contract which you can find in the glove compartment.

Be careful when leaving your car in public places – choose wide spaces so you don’t damage or get damaged by other cars.

If you feel like you’re not in a good shape for driving we will send you a personal driver who will look after you and your car for as long as you need.










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